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Alex Walker
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:P eh, I am a random persion you may never know, or you may know, :D idk&idc…
… His longs felt like they were burning in the cold night’s air, he stopped and looked around, straining his eyes to try to pick out shapes in the darkness. but a chill swept down his spine as the wind rolled past him, carrying it’s words. his body froze as he saw movement in the darkness. He stood there motionless for several minutes as the borderless shapes stopped. He took a single step forward and like lightning two white eyes appeared in the distance. Betrayed by his body, he couldn’t flee. he remained motionless, barley breathing as the eyes seemed to glide along the wind to him. Behind the eyes the shadows seemed to twist and coil. His heart began to race as the eyes met his own, with his last ounce of courage he asked, “Wh-what are you” as of out of no where a wicked grin housing vile yellow teeth spread out under the eyes, the wind hissed around him, carrying a single word and all the warmth left his body as he felt the rank, humid breath roll down his neck, and before he could move, before he could run from it, the shadows coiled around him and the yellow teeth sank into his neck letting his warmth flood out, the wind whipping around in a frenzy…
leave a comment of witch number you like best, and than you for your time

1    Fear the winter's fangs
2    have to care to have mercy
3    cold is eternal
4    warmth is out dated
5    embrace death's chill
6    there isn't a flame that will keep me at bay
7    my ice will be your tomb

also feel free to say what you liked or disliked about them

link to the pic:frost for the shirt/hoodie (wip) by acepie7890
X3 I need to start coming on here more like i used to, :3 but I was hoping that if anyone would like to help me make the models for a game I've been working on to leave comment below or if you have any questions, preferably if you can draw the same thing nearly identically, mainly for the actuate animations for the units.

X3 I like drawing and all, but I'm more of a coder than an artist, but I'm making a few sections of information so you can skip the ones you aren't interested in

-Details of the game's structure so far-
Its a futuristic strategy game containing a wide variety of races, most are anthros, and gameplay will contain the minimum of one home world for each race witch will be divided into 8 alterable maps(possibly 10 if the planet's poles are given there own), along with a galactic map containing sub maps for combat

Most tiles will have some effect on each units, as well curtain buffs for races adapted to the type of environment

Planet side units can be broken up into the fallowing groups, Ground(tanks and vehicles) Foot(Infantry) Naval(Ships and subs) and Air(Bombers, fighters, ext.)

Space ship classes have not yet been finished

-What kind of stuff I need help with-
*note, you don't need to be able to do everyone, one is more than enough

People able to draw swords, modern weapons, and futuristic weapons

able draw scenery in confined spaces

able to draw portratss of characters based on description

able to draw space ships if described

and people to help diside possible future mechanics

please respond bellow with with questions or if interested in helping
X3 ok this is for an app I wanted to make, I'm making it solo and it's my first time but I hope it works ^w^

O3O also it's mainly Javascript as of now

X3 ok there is gona be several groupes

categories of units and such for your army

Army           (enable units and such)
Generals      (generals includes heros and such and will enable certain units and equiptment and will buff others)+army power +army cap
Squads        (this includes teams, ships, vehicals, and such) +army power +wepion cap +Armor cap +Gear cap
Weapons       (:P guns, swords, and others)+army power and/or -enemy army power
Armor          (It's armor for crying out loud XD)+army power
Gear            (gear will include spells, seals, grenades, and any other equipment)+army power and/or -enemy army power

some mecanics :P

Attack force =

(inside joke X3)

1. crazy
2. I'd marry you
3. I'd date you
4. sarcastic
5. I miss you
6. I'd kiss you
7. Beautiful/Handsome
8. Smart
9. imaginative
10. random
11. jerk
12. bitch
13. awesome
14. amazing
15. tough
16. cute
17. I'd hit you with a bus (o.O )
18. I love you
19. weird
20. friends forever
21. sweet
22. wish you were mine
23. never want to lose you
24. we should hang out
25. You're just a person to me. 

O3O coment reguardless,^3^ hoping to get some 1s, 4s, 13s, 14s, 10s, and 26s
X3 but don't let that effect how you choose

>:3 I want brutal, soul stomping honesty here!

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